Smart Dryer RV

This You Tube video says it all.  The Smart Dryer is a practical way to dry your clothes while you are camping or even at home.



The Smart Dryer is easy to assemble and install.  Simply install your Smart Dryer permanently on to a wall in your home or apartment.  Or, clamp  the Smart Dryer on to your apartment balcony or RV ladder.  When you wish to dry clothes, pull out on the smart dryer and you instantly have 30 feet of clothesline.  Once your clothes are dry, push the Smart Dryer in and it will fold into itself for later use.  When folded the Smart Dryer sticks out only 6 inches.  The complete installation kit is included.


The Smart Dryer will save you time and money.  Hanging  wet clothes or camping gear up to dry is so much more convenient than  running to a laundromat every time.  It also  saves you money every time you choose not to use a dryer and turn on the electricity or gas.  The Smart Dryer is always ready to use – indoors, outdoors, year round.


For more information on the Smart Dryer, view the following link at Camping World.  It is on sale now.






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